About Carol Ann Savage

Glass has an almost magical ability to transform the light and space around it. Exploring the possibilities of color and light with glass is a joyful obsession for Carol Ann Savage.

Carol Ann Savage

Carol Ann has long been immersed in the world of the fine arts. She has toured the world as a professional musician. She is also a certified tea sommelier.

In 2022, Carol Ann was honoured to be the 1st Prize winner of the international competition “Your Bead for Venice” sponsored by the Comitato per la Salvaguardia dell ‘ Artte delve Perle do Vetro Veneziane and the International Society of Glass Beads. Her prize-winning beads are in the permanent collection at the Murano Museum of Glass.

Carol Ann’s training as a classical musician has greatly informed her approach to glass work. Her understanding and appreciation of form and detail have enabled her to cultivate a process that is systematic and analytical but also flows naturally from her creative inspirations.

Carol Ann’s first encounter with glass artistry came in the summer of 2012, when she happened to visit the Corning Museum of Glass on a trip through upstate New York. Inspired to try her own hand at the torch, she soon had a studio built in her backyard in Toronto, Ontario. Carol Ann has returned regularly to the Corning Glass Studio to participate in week-long courses, and in early 2020 she was a teaching assistant for world-renowned glass artist Kim Fields. She has also participated in a variety of courses hosted by local studios in which she has enjoyed working with glass artists from around the world.

Carol Savage Glass

Carol Ann’s many years of experience as a private flute teacher have enabled her to transition quickly into giving lessons in lamp working (glass artistry at a torch) at the annual Creativ Festival in Toronto every year since 2014. She has also given a murrini demonstration (colored patterns made in glass that are revealed when the glass is cut into thin cross-sections) at the Re Do Glass conference at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. 

Carol Ann is a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. She has attended the ISGB conference each year since 2017 as an official vendor. 2017 also marked the year that Carol Ann was the recipient of the prestigious Alexx Vi Cheng scholarship.

Carol Ann draws upon a variety of inspirations when creating her pieces, and most prevalent is her daily observation of interplay between color and light, and the trees and flowers of her neighborhood. Now more than ever she is full of ideas, and relishes the chance and the challenge of using glass as a medium for expression.