September 2021: New marble bead designs

Posted by Carol Ann Savage on

As the days shift into the coolness of autumn I find myself reflecting on the summer past, particularly the glass adventures in my studio. At the height of the summer I was part of a class that encouraged me to once again try my hand at creating marbles. Six weeks and over 100 attempts later I can happily say I am still discovering new things every day. Dots, lines and colour combinations can bring interesting surprises in this small 26mm implosion. And I haven’t strayed too far from the wig wag design that I wrote about in last month’s Bead of the Month post. Using single glass rods of colour or small chunks of enamel (also glass) gives one many options to play with every day. Placed randomly or with a specific pattern in mind, I still love the implosion technique for its unique possibilities. I remain captivated by the search for the ever elusive (and occasionally achieved) perfectly round and smooth, ‘lovely in your hand’ marble shape. The joys of glass. 

For most of my life cooler September days meant a reunion with my flute students and colleagues in the orchestra. This fall may grow into those joyous encounters, but until those days become a reality I’ll continue along the path of glass exploration, one piece at a time. 

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