October 2021: Autumn Colours, Frit and Reflection

Posted by Carol Ann Savage on

October in Ontario often means the advent of cooler weather; shorter days and longer nights… It also brings the beautiful colours of the fall season. Trees shifting from deep greens to vibrant reds, pinks, purples, oranges and yellows. All a reminder of the warmth of the summer past. 

In May’s Bead of the Month blog I wrote about reduction glass produced by Double Helix Glassworks. These marvelous glasses come in two forms: solid rods or frit (crushed glass). This month I’ve been experimenting with the frit option- sometimes one colour alone, sometimes a mix of many. Each combination gives off a different hue and luster, adding depth and light with each small piece. I’ve also included a thin layer of fine silver foil directly onto the base colour of the bead, which adds one more layer of reaction and reflection to the bead. The result is a random, vibrant display of colour. Highly enjoyable. 

I’ve been thinking of these pieces as summer light to keep us warm in the coming months. Fall is upon us. 

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